Last year our family (used a car to get to the train station but then) boarded a train and headed to Portland for a multi-day car-free vacation.  We had a shuttle bus from the train to the hotel. We didn’t have to pay $20/night parking fee there.  Then we used excellent public transit to visit parts of Portland (which has a very walkable downtown.)  We rented bikes and road the paths South on the East side of the river crossing over and returning North on the West side. We tried out Lime scooters and enjoyed ourselves doing all kinds of things without the nuisance of a car. The train ride was very relaxing compared to I5 driving in a private motor vehicle.

And the best part???  This year our friends are doing the same thing after hearing our story.  It’s exciting to be “influencers”. (hint hint, we’re all influencers)

Are you planning a vacation where a car-free option is possible?  By planning ahead and depending on your destination you might find that you can eliminate the expense and worry of dealing with a motor vehicle. Its surprisingly free-ing to not have to think about the car (parking, locking, finding, avoiding accidents, navigating). I’m definitely a rider but I appreciate the LUXURY of not having to drive.

Car free vacations (as long as we avoid air travel) can be a lower carbon option as we starting thinking about sustainability and reducing our contribution to Climate Change.

Be Well!

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