Burning Natural Gas

Getting OFF “Natural” Gas

British Columbia produces about 1/3 of the natural gas in Canada.  This is a “made in BC” problem.  Start by calling it “Methane”.  “Natural” is a marketing term to encourage burning fossil fuels.  The process of extracting, transporting, storing, distributing leaking, and burning methane is not natural.  It causes huge impacts to the living planet as well as to the atmosphere we breathe when those greenhouse gases are released.
In BC 29% total & 60% of individual CO2 emissions are from “natural” gas, making this a particularly good place to reduce carbon emissions by transitioning to cleaner electricity.  (97% of electricity produced in BC is from hydro and other renewable sources so electrifying is a great strategy to fight Climate Change).  Right now, there are $1,000s of dollars of incentives available for homeowners who want to make the switch.  But switching is optional. Ultimately, we must get off gas completely
If you would like to help, we have volunteer opportunities to:
– Research and write up incentive information
– Research and write summary information about the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. FFNPT
– Write letters (to the editor & local government leaders) advocating the adoption of FFNPT by Fraser Valley cities
– Research and write summary information related to the use of methane for cooking and the connection with indoor air quality and respiratory issues like childhood asthma.

Keeping Government Leaders Accountable

We are informing & motivating Government Leaders

Let’s face it – the government’s leadership record on climate change is embarrassing.  Canada has stood still BC has gone backwards and Fraser Valley Cities are way behind innovators like Vancouver.  At the same time, European countries are working hard to reduce their carbon emissions.   In BC, we are NOT climate leaders.

For this campaign, we hold that our elected leaders (and staff) need to be informed about the causes and impacts of climate change.  Once informed they need to be held accountable to introduce policies and regulations that actually make a difference.  Not only incentives to act in a way that fights climate change, but also regulation to prevent harmful activities that are not in the public interest.
Because there has been little more than a lot of polite talk and greenwashing, we must inform and motivate our leaders, so they see how important it is to act in the interest of the public.

If you would like to help, we have tasks for volunteers to
– Research contact information
– Write and edit letters to government leaders

Sign-up to volunteer on our contact page.

Artwork affectionately titled “Politicians Discussing Climate Change”

Promoting Electric Vehicles.

In British Columbia, 37% of our carbon emissions come from transportation.  Most of that is cars and trucks on the roads burning fossil fuels.  The timing is right for this campaign.  Right now, there are HUGE government incentives to purchase new EVs.  If you have a gas guzzler, an unreliable vehicle, or are ready for your next vehicle, make it a Battery Electric Vehicle.  There are organizations that are ready to help you make the transition to driving clean.

At the very least, don’t buy a NEW gas car, we want auto manufacturers to realize the “gas car” money is drying up so that they switch production to electric vehicles.

– More information is coming –

Tesla Electric Vehicles