To fight Climate Change by Informing and Motivating, individuals, government leaders and businesses.

While we deeply believe in non-violence, the metaphor of war or a fight is useful because of how serious Climate Change and its impacts are.  We can’t let our guard down, we must use every reasonable avenue to save this planet and that requires informing people and influencing them to make wise choices.

Individual action

is essential, but it is not sufficient.  A widely circulated statistic maintains that 70% of historic CO2 emissions have been released by only 70 corporations.  Those corporations must change.  no amount of “taking shorter showers” can undo the daily damage caused by the likes of Exxon, Fortis or Chevron.  We will encourage individuals to act via our online channels.   Interested in taking Action?  Consider both; *** taking individual actions & volunteering with us.

Corporate Action

does not tend to act in the public’s best interest.  They want us to believe they do, so they invest heavily in marketing and in the case of climate change that means #greenwashing.  Greenwashing is fundamentally deception.  It is partnered with the secrecy of corporations that know the damage they cause and in some jurisdictions are still legally compelled to maximize short-term profitability to increase stock value for shareholders.  The only thing that can force corporations to act in the best interests of the public is government regulation.  We will hold corporations accountable directly via personal communications and online where the public can observe and lend their voice.

Government Action

at all levels have a role to play. People work in government to make the world a better place (among other reasons) and These leaders elected or not have an important influence on how things are done. We aim to inform and motivate government leaders so they understand Climate Change and its causes and so they act to both incentivize and regulate behaviour in the public’s best interests.  We will hold leaders accountable for what they know, both personally and online where the public can learn and lend their voice.

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Individual Actions

Individual Action is necessary in order to fight climate change.  We’ve got lots of ideas you can use to take action as an individual. We also partner with some great organizations that support your individual action as a vital part of fighting Climate Change. *** 

Take Personal Action

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Can you give us a couple of hours a month or week? We can put you to work in a variety of areas, research, writing, organizing, strategy, education.
The more the merrier.  We are a grassroots volunteer organization.  We have lots of work and we offer the knowledge you are fighting to make the world a better place.  
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